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Writing about the Economy

Does anyone do it?
I’ve been surfing the web looking for people who write about the economy on a regular basis so that I might post links/updates on the news page . Unfortunately, there seem to be very few people who do. It’s easy to find business writings, business news, etc; as well as plenty of news articles and commentary on Politics. But very little that focuses on the economy. If there is an economics/economy writing, it is usully sandwiched between a dozen articles on how Boeing is laying off workers, or how the tech industry will save the world. Given the amount of time spent on economics and economy policy in the “real world”, I’d think there would be more articles out there.
Here’s one of my pp’s, look at any major publication that reviews non-fiction books on a regular basis – like the NY Times weekend book reviews, the New Republic, or the Atlantic Monthly – and you will only rarely see an economic book. Perhaps journalists can’t understand the difference between a good econ book and a bad one so don’t review any? They ought to be able to find reviewers somewhere!

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