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Bush’s Economic Forum

The list of participants at Bush’s Waco economic forum was released today. Here is the list of over 230 participants.
Here are the people I recognized immediately as economists (there may be others…)
Michael Boskin, Martin Feldstein, Allen Sinai, Richard Burkhauser, Olivia Mitchell, Bill Reichenstein, John Shoven, Jeremy Siegel, Jonathon Skinner, Susan Dudley, Tom Kelly, Brian Wesbury, Eric Hanushek, Jagdish Bhagwati, James Glassman, Joe McKinney, Michael Porter, Greg Mankiw, Jim Henderson, Mark McClellan, Mark Pauly
Economists (21, 9%)
Here are some counts of other categories (not exclusive):
President or VP (85)
CEOs (58, 25%): including President and CEO (29), Chairman and CEO (21).
Owner (17)
Professor (16)
Director (8)
Student (8)
Homemaker (3)
Neurologist (1)
Registered Nurse(1)


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