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Steel Tariff Exemptions

The steel-tariff war saga continues…

BBC NEWS | Business | US steel backtrack fails to satisfy EU
Friday Aug.23.
The European Union (EU) has decided not to withdraw its complaint about US steel import tariffs, despite America’s announcement that a further 178 steel products would be exempted.
Observers said the latest US concessions had been offered as an attempt to avoid a trade war with the EU.
But although European Commission chiefs said they “welcomed” the exemptions covering more than 50% of EU steel exports to the US, they warned that the rest of the tariffs would have to be removed.

The official line from the US was that the 178 products were removed from the tariffs because “it was determined that they are not sufficiently available from US producers”.
The total number of exempted products has risen to 727, five months after the US introduced three-year tariffs of up to 30% on imported steel to protect its troubled steel industry.


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