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I’ve implemented a way to advertise on this site. The (open) source was developed by Bill Rini at WindowSix and is called TextAds.
I’ve made a couple minor changes, but it seems to be working well.
You can see a sample ad in the column on the right.
I’ll give a free 1,000 impressions to the first 5 people to sign-up.
Just click on this link, ArgMax TextAds, to sign up for 1,000 ads. After creating your ad, click “pay for ads with paypal.” When you reach PayPal, don’t bother paying, and if you’re one of the first 5, I’ll validate your campaign.
Here’s what I wrote on the ad page…

Advertising on ArgMax
I have introduced advertising to in order to defray some of the costs associated with running the site.
ArgMax is currently rapidly growing. From it’s debut in June 2002, it has grown substantially: averaging over 4,000 pageviews a week with over 100 unique visitors a day at the end of August. It will likely continue its expansion as schools and universities resume this fall.
Argmax has begun to receive good reviews from readers. My old site at was also well received winning several awards, including a top-5 best economics sites from The Economist magazine, and a #1 “Best of the Best” ranking from International Thomson Business Press.
The audience is largely economics professionals, including college and university professors. The general, economics-interested public is also a significant target of the site. Given the anonymous nature of the web, it is impossible to get a complete picture of the average user without significant consumer research. However, you can review some of the recent visitors and site statistics by clicking here.
“TextAds” is an open source system designed to allow easy management of ad campaigns for small sites.
If you would like to support ArgMax without purchasing an ad, see the About ArgMax page.


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