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Part of learning economics is learning how to effectively communicate ideas. Here’s an assignment from Bob Parks at Washington University St. Louis.
Be sure to look at #6 below.

Assignment 5 due Oct 31 and in class
Assignment 5 requires you to create a word document.
You will be required to submit:
1. a printed INCOLOR copy of the word document handed in inclass 10/31 and
2. mail the document to by Oct 31, 1 PM! (That is before class)
The word document will be two pages, must contain the following elements:
1. A header and footer
2. Three footnotes:
a) defining a word which you look up in Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary, accessible from the Encyclopedia Britannica link at (in our test example we looked up harbinger)
b) the reference for the text you copy
c) the reference for the image you copy.
3. Those footnotes must be linked to the a) word; b) end of the text that you copy; c) some place near the image you copy.
4. An image from which has umpteem gazillion graphs and some pretty maps Must be ecomomics.
5. An image of (part of) your desktop (so you must use SNAP32.exe or a similar program)
6. Some text from some page at The example below uses some text from which is no longer available. has gone the way of most economic sites and now charges. argmax does not, and economagic is licensed to the university.
7. At least one word (or more) of the text must have each letter with a different color. Hopefully you will learn how to do a simple macro to make a lot of your text have different colors.
8. Part of the text must be formatted in 2 columns!
9. At least two paragraphs must have a different fontand size and color than the rest.
10. There must be a table containing Economic data from formatted in a table.
11. The table must also have two calculations – that is the entries must be formulas.
Whew! That is a lot of work. You better start today!!!


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