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Protesting With Style

Now that’s what I call a protest!

AS Adema Romp to 149-0 Win 01/11/02
In perhaps the most bizarre football match ever to take place, newly-crowned Madagascan champions AS Adema have come away 149-0 winners over “opponents” Stade Olympique l’Emyrne (SOE).
The Beautiful Game it was not as SOE launched a protest at the referee and took pot-shots at their own goal, scoring an impressive 149 times in ninety minutes. Reports do not state whether their goalkeeper attempted to keep these out.
The craziness all began when SOEs spectacularly named coach, Ratsimandresy Ratsarazaka, took exception to an early call from the referee.
After the dispute had simmered down, Ratsarazaka instructed his side to launch a protest in the most emphatic way through the medium of own goals.


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