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O’Neill and Lindsey Resign

Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil and economic advisor Larry Lindsey both resigned today. It looks like a changing of the economic guard at the Whitehouse.
Anyone want to speculate on new appointees?
* John Taylor (but thought to be first in line for Greenspan’s job)
* Martin Feldstein (if I remember right CEA head under Reagan, but does he want the Job?)
* The Texas duo of Dick Armey and Phil Gramm have been mentioned (want to see wall street flip out? appoint one of these to treasury)
* Don Evans (currently at the Commerce Dept, but likely wants a more prominent economic role)
* Steve Forbes (he seems to like money)
Wild cards:
* Robert Rubin (widely viewed as a very good Treasury Secretary – but would Bush want a Dem?)
Text: Treasury Secretary O’Neill’s Resignation Letter (

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