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The articles archive section in part contains modified versions of articles that initially appeared at my former site. These articles are dated 2.2002 and earlier. I will be posting more as time permits. For current articles, click here.

Note: As of (at least) 12.15.02, my articles from have been removed from the site.

My initial contract with granted to them
an exclusive online license to use the original material in exchange for certain
compensation. Since the end of February 2002; however, I have
not been paid the monies due to me as laid out in the
agreement (and there is no sign that I will). In addition, my name has
been removed from the pages that contain my writings.

If you’re curious, or if you’re a lawyer who would like to give me some free advice, the guide contract is posted on
the web, as is the lawsuit filed against and
its parent Primedia. I would urge you to boycott, but the more visits the site gets, the greater the damages from any legal action.


Some of the articles are old, so not all links will be current. In addition, while I have modified the formatting from the original, there may still be some glitches – let me know if you see any major problems.

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