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More Letters for Economists to Sign

It’s been a while since I have seen so much political activism from the economics profession. This past month, there have been three major sign-this-statement pushes trying to get economists to speak out.
Currently circulating is an anti-war Statement by US Economists on Iraq by ECAAR. (Over 100 have already signed).
Two statements on Bush’s economic proposal were also presented this past month.
Economistsí Statement Opposing the Bush Tax Cuts, Feb. 10 (Around 450 signers.) For a critique of the letter (but not the substance), see Don Luskin’s comments.
In response, a short letter to Bush was drafted: Economists Endorse President Bush’s Jobs and Growth Plan Feb. 12 (Around 250 signers.) For a critique, see DeLong’s Thoughts on the Republican Economists’ Letter.

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