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Forbes: ArgMax Among Best Economics Blogs

Forbes just named one of the Top 5 Economics Blogs. I guess this means that ArgMax is now a multiple “award-winning” website!
Be sure to vote for argmax on the Forbes poll.
1. – Arnold Kling
2. – John Irons
3. The Knowledge Problem – Lynne Kiesling
4. WinterSpeak – Zimran Ahmed
5. Institutional Economics – Steven Kirchner Best Business Blogs
John Irons loves keeping a close eye on the latest economic data and related news. So much so that he designed a software program–a “bot”–to automatically keep track of the latest information for himself and his readers. A professor of economics at Amherst College in Amherst, Mass., he’s been writing about economics online since 1997, when he hosted a site for Primedia’s ArgMax (the name is a mathematical term to designate “the argument of the maximum”) launched in March of 2002. …

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