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Clark Medal Awarded

Delong congratulates Steve Levitt on winning the John Bates Clark medal.
By my count, 10 of the 28 (36%) of the past medal winners have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. Winners of both: Samuelson, Friedman, Klein, Tobin, Arrow, Solow, Becker, Stiglitz, Spence, Heckman.
Here’s a trivia question, John Bates Clark and one of the past winners of the Medal both graduated from the same college… name the college and the past winner.

Congratulations to Steve Levitt!!: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong’s Webjournal
Congratulations to Steve Levitt!!
The American Economic Association awards the John Bates Clark medal every second year to the outstanding economist under forty who has not previously received the award. This year’s winner is Steve Levitt.
1947 Paul Samuelson
1949 Kenneth Boulding
1951 Milton Friedman
1953 —-
1955 Jim Tobin
1957 Ken Arrow
1959 Larry Klein
1961 Biob Solow
1963 Hendrick Houthakker
1965 Zvi Griliches
1967 Gary Becker
1969 Marc Nerlove
1971 Dale Jorgenson
1973 Frank Fisher
1975 Dan McFadden
1977 Marty Feldstein
1979 Joe Stiglitz
1981 Michael Spence
1983 Jim Heckman
1985 Jerry Hausman
1987 Sandy Grossman
1989 David Kreps
1991 Paul Krugman
1993 Larry Summers
1995 David Card
1997 Kevin Murphy
1999 Andrei Shleifer
2001 Matt Rabin
2003 Steve Levitt
Some lean left. Some lean right. Some are aggressive. Some are thoughtful. Some are nice. Some are not-so-nice. Some are easy going. Some believe that to allow any error to go uncorrected is to encourage intellectual immorality.

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