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Happy Birthday To ArgMax

It’s been almost a year since opened its doors in June, 2002. I though I would document some of the growth of the site.
Perhaps this information will be helpful for comparison if you have started a website or a blog, or are thinking of starting one.
According to my count, since June 2002, argmax has received over 415,000 page views. Accorging to sitemeter, ArgMax is now getting over 10,000 visits, and over 30,000 pageviews per month.
About 1,500 economists’ webpages are listed on the search page, and there are 40 registered users on the forum.
Nearly 100 users have signed up for data emails, and about 500 have signed up for the email list.
People seem to like the site. Altavista shows over 150 links to Argmax. In addition, ArgMax has won a couple awards.
The highlights: – Best economics blogs (#2) (3.19.2003)
MSNBC – Best of Blogs (10.18.2002)
Scout Report Selection (5.19.2003)
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