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$20 Million Wasted for PR

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$20 Million Wasted for PR
The first round of IRS rebate checks to middle and upper income families with dependent children have been mailed. In addition, a second mailing by the IRS was conducted, at a cost of $20 million, letting people know a check would be on the way.
This second mailing (see text below) is completely unnecessary and wastes valuable resources at a time when deficits are already exploding.
Text of the letter:
“We are pleased to inform you that the United States Congress has passed and President George W. Bush has signed into law the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003,” the letters read. “Within two weeks of receiving this notice, you will receive a check.”

Taxpayers to Receive Advance Child Tax Credit This Summer
“If you qualify, we will send you a notice. There’s no need to call, no need to apply, no need to fill out another form. The IRS will do all the work. A few days after the notice, you will get the check.”

NY Daily News – World and National Report – Tax-refund letter hit as $20M waste
The personal touch is not cheap – the letters cost taxpayers about $20 million in postage, printing and labor costs, according to the General Accounting Office.

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