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Ten Lessons

Looking for a good book to give someone for Christmas?
Try this one…

Swim Lessons – Ten Lessons for Making Any Dream Come True – by Nick Irons
Swim the Mississippi? Why would anyone do that? Nick Irons did. He swam six hours a day, six days a week, for four months. Good thing. What he discovered along the way is the rock-solid plan the rest of us can use to make our biggest dreams come true.
Irons’ dream was to raise awareness and money to find a cure for multiple sclerosis, the disease his father and hundreds of thousands of other people live with every day. And he did. His historic 1,550-mile swim down the mighty Mississippi? from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana—makes him the second person in seventy years to swim the length of North America’s
longest waterway and the first to do it with the locks and dams of its “modern” form.
According to Irons, we all have at least one idea that just won’t let go. What’s your Mississippi? Have you always wanted to write that novel or take time off to travel with your kids? How would you like to live on a sail boat for a year, climb a mountain, or learn to ride a horse? Maybe you want to change careers. Whatever your dream, Swim Lessons is the ultimate guide to making it happen.
This is not your typical self-help book that takes an inspiring message and uses “success” stories to illustrate its various points. This is the real deal, someone who got out there, did what the rest of us dream of doing, then came back to show us the way. Irons is a first-rate storyteller, so Swim Lessons is loaded with irresistible details and drama that make the swim itself read like any good adventure. Each chapter then boils down a critical lesson, providing dozens of strategic ideas, activities, checklists, questions, and more to help readers launch their own adventure.
Far more than inspiration, Swim Lessons shows you how to take any idea? no matter how deeply personal, quirky, or outrageous? and make it happen. From getting started to hanging in there, you get fun, easy, step-by-step strategies and tips that will work for anybody. Perfect for dreamers of all ages.
Nick Irons and his story have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, The Montel Williams Show as well as in magazines and newspapers nationwide, from The New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, People, and many others. According to CNN National News Correspondent Gene Randall, “Nick Irons is a true American hero.”
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is being donated to MS research.

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