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Longer-run Economic Performance

Sustained Budget Deficits: Longer-Run U.S. Economic
Performance and the Risk of Financial and Fiscal Disarray

Robert E. Rubin, Peter Orszag, and Allen Sinai
“The U.S. federal budget is on an unsustainable path. In the absence of significant policy changes, federal government deficits are expected to total around $5 trillion over the next decade. Such deficits will cause U.S. government debt, relative to GDP, to rise significantly. Thereafter, as the baby boomers increasingly reach retirement age and claim Social Security and Medicare benefits, government deficits and debt are likely to grow even more sharply.
The scale of the nation’s projected budgetary imbalances is now so large that the risk of severe adverse consequences must be taken very seriously, although it is impossible to predict when such consequences may occur. ”


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