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Here’s the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while about the Bush tax legislation…
Since when is 41% a majority?
What this poll says to me is that 59% of americans think that the Bush tax legislation was not good for them.

Bush Tax Cuts Validated in New Poll
Los Angeles, CA, (PRWEB) January 10, 2004 — A new poll conducted by Zogby International […]found that a majority of Americans think the Bush tax cuts were good for them.
The survey asked: “Personally, were the Bush tax cuts good for you or bad for you?”
Forty-one percent of Americans said the tax cuts were good for them. Another 31% of voters said the tax cuts made no difference and only 25% said the tax cuts were bad for them.


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  1. Yes more politics, but its funny this time

    You might question the numbers on this poll, but think back to the outcome of the last Presidential election and it should all make sense. I thought the ads were good – really good. But I about pissed in…

  2. Statistics Are In The Eye of the Pollster

    Check out this post over at ArgMax where John Irons points out a slight flaw in the recent announcement that 41% of Americans “said the tax cuts were good for them.” Which, of course, was considered “a majority of Americans.”…



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