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Dead Computer

It appears my computer has finally died. The hard drive has completely bitten the dust and I can’t even seem to reformat – which I’ve had to do a couple times recently. The printer port has been on the fritz for years, and it’s been generally disagreable for the past several months.
So, it looks like a good excuse to get a new computer. So I am turning to you, my faithful readers, to help me out. ArgMax has provided a free news service, data alerts, and this weblog for almost 2 years. Please consider chipping in to get me an upgrade.
I figure a new Dell, not the bottom, but nothing fancy, will run me about $750 – say 30 people at $25?

! Help keep ArgMax at peak performance:
Donate $25 or
Donate other amount.

Note: The “donations” are not tax deductible – while I am not making a profit off this site, ArgMax is not a registered nonprofit. I do, however, work for a nonprofit organization, for what it’s worth.


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