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Brookings Plagiarised by US Government!

Oh my – they didn’t think anyone would notice?

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: April 18, 2004 – April 24, 2004 Archives
Compare and contrast the CPA Website with that of the Brookings Institution.
Who knew Strobe’s influence still stretched so far?
Actually, a quick look under the hood of each site shows that either the CPA or Brookings snagged the other outfit’s website and remodeled it as their own.
The presence of this line (“submenu name=”Brookings Review” id=”brs” url=”/press/review/rev_des.htm”) buried in the code of both websites seems to give a pretty good sign of who did the deed.
Now if they’d just crib the policy proposals and not just the html!
Oh, the Humanity!

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