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Brad DeLong brings back memories. I spent a very nice summer in Berkeley taking a computer science course and an economics course; spending the majority of my time at La Strata — arguably the best place in the world to drink a cappuccino in August.

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal (2004): a Weblog
Summer in Berkeley
It is 3 P.M. on an August day at the coffeehouse La Strada, at the corner of Bancroft and College. The sun is shining. The espresso machines are humming–Italian technology being operated by Spanish-speaking immigrant workers processing water from the Sierra Nevadas, milk from Marin County, and a ground-up roasted bean originally from Ethiopia now grown in Central America under shade canopies by small farmers interested in sustainable agriculture. It is a beautiful day.
The overhead heat lamps are on.
I repeat that: the overhead heat lamps are on to take the chill out of the air, so that we can comfortably sit in the sun, sip our coffee, and discuss the Great Intellectual Issues.


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