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Economist Poll

The Economist Magazine polled academic economists on Bush economic policies.
Apparently the academic economists agree with the B-school profs (see below).
From Poll of Academic Economists:
Economists are not fond of the Bush tax cuts – 72 percent said that the tax cuts were bad or very bad.
Only 4 percent thought that the prescription drug plan was good, no one thought it was very good.
Only 14 percent thought that Bush trade policy was good.
Overall only 9 percent thought that Bush’s economic policies were good or very good.
41 percent thought the Kerry plan was good or very good, as compared with just 16 percent for Bush. On 6 of 7 issue areas, Kerry fared better than bush, including “fiscal disclipline” where Kerry was rated as having a better policy by a 79% to 18% margin.

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