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Uh, OK. So starbucks is now ‘manufacturing’

No, I’m not making this up. Apparently, coffee roasting is now “manufacturing.”

Magic City Morning Star: Correcting the Record on Starbucks
Correcting the Record on Starbucks
By Matthew Mors
Oct 25, 2004, 12:25
To the Editor:
I wish to draw your attention to an error in a column written by the Honorable Senator Susan M. Collins that you published Friday (“Taking a Stand Against Tobacco and Special Interests”). In her column about the Congressional manufacturing-related tax legislation (FSC/ETI), the senator writes, “… the bill includes a generous tax break for coffee brewers, allowing corporations like Starbucks to define themselves as “manufacturers.”
Taxation on brewing coffee is not affected by this bill. The activity defined within the context of the legislation is coffee roasting; precisely the kind of activity that Congress intends to encourage in the bill: manufacturing that generates hundreds of U.S. jobs in the production of products for sale domestically and overseas.
Starbucks Coffee Company searches for the highest-quality coffee beans in the world, which are shipped to one of our four roasting plants. Three of these plants are in the U.S: Kent, Washington; Carson City, Nevada; and York, Pennsylvania. These U.S. plants employ hundreds of workers, who transform the raw material–green coffee–into roasted coffee that is then sold at Starbucks stores and other outlets around the world.
The members of Congress recognized that coffee roasting is true manufacturing in the value it adds to coffee beans, unlike restaurant food processing or brewing, provisions excluded in this bill.
Thank you for the opportunity to present these facts.
Matthew Mors
Media Relations
Starbucks Coffee Company

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