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So, I’m thinking out loud here…
Over the past couple years, I have posted a range of economic (and related, and not related) “stuff” here. As weblogs have moved from the fringe of the information society into the mainstream, I think a re-think is in order… about how often to post, about what I want to accomplish with this blog, about how best to make this blog useful.
With the explosion in the number of blogs out there, I think it’s becomming a burden for typical readers to read more than, say 3 or 4 blogs on a regular basis. In the early days, there was much less content per blog, so people would surf to a greater percentage of the blogs that are out there. In addition, it is getting to the point where there is just a flood of information comming from the blogosphere that the signal to noise ratio is just too low.
So what does this mean for ArgMax? I don’t want to contribute to the instant response of the econ blog community – there is not much space for that any longer, and unless someone is willing to spend 10-12 hours a day doing this, there are plenty of other sites where you can get the up-to-the-minute info better.
What is missing is something that is less instant post, but one that 1) maintains the relevance/style of a blog 2) filters some of what is out there, 3) finds new stuff that is not being echoed in a million other blogs, and 4) lets me express my views on what’s going on in economic policy.
Does this dictate a different kind of posting/medium? Perhaps.
My initial thinking is that the right approach might be to post a once-weekly article that has a general update to what’s going on in the world of economics and economic policy; as well as links to other things worth taking a look at.
In addition to posting the result here, I would send it to a list of people who sign-up to receive such updates.
This format would 1) save me time during the week, 2) would allow for a more thoughtful approach to posting, and 3) would make it easier for readers than having yet another blog to bookmark and remember to visit.
I’m not sure if this is the right approach, but I’m mulling it over – and it sounds right to my ear. Or, at least it sounds like a movement in the right direction.
So, what would be in the weekly update?

  • Updates for the Week
    • Economic Policy
    • Economy
    • Issue of the week (?)
  • What to Read
    • My Stuff from American Progress, other places
    • Blogs
    • Magazine Articles
    • Analysis
    • Research
  • Viewpoint
  • Links
  • Parting words
    • Interesting Quotes, Recipe, Soccer stuff.

Just a draft.
Anyway, let me know if you have and comments/suggestions…


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