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Medicaid and the budget

It looks like the budget resolution might be out of conference and on the floor in the House/ Senate on Thursday/Friday. They are reportedly still working out some of the details, but it looks like they may have reached a deal. The budget reportedly includes $70 billion in tax cuts protected under reconciliation, and $40.5 billion in savings from mandatory programs.
On Medicaid:

  • The House voted yesterday overwhelmingly (348-72) to instruct the conference to remove Medicaid cuts.
  • Before passage, the Senate passed 52-48 an amendment to remove Medicaid cuts.
    (See this article)

However, the last I have heard the conference agreement will still include $10 billion in Medicaid cuts.
We have a calculator here which will determine the state impact based on various federal cuts (this is also the webpage with the full analysis.)
For more: Worse Than No Budget
[Update: Looks like there may be a final sticking point on the Medicaid cuts, unclear what the outcome will be.]

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