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A Tax Plan for Progressives
T@P A simpler and fairer tax code — one that rewards the hard work of the American middle class — can be good policy and smart politics.
By John S. Irons and John Podesta
Issue Date: 06.06.05
For four years President Bush has touted his tax cuts as an economic cure-all, but middle-income workers have instead watched helplessly as the tiny tax cut they received has gone to pay for higher property taxes, tuition increases, and exploding medical costs. While the conservatives’ tax initiatives have wreaked havoc on people barely living on their paychecks, wealthy taxpayers have enjoyed ever-higher incomes taxed at stunningly lower rates. Furthermore, Bush’s tax cuts have wrecked public services and undermined prospects for long-term economic growth.
Progressives share a responsibility to not only oppose the conservative tax program but to offer a sensible alternative: reform to make our tax system fair, simple, and fiscally responsible. We need to see to it that middle-class Americans get the relief they need, and that our nation has the wherewithal to make the investments it must…

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