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Tax Reform Panel’s Report Now in Treasury’s Hands – Center for American Progress
First Impressions
Statement of John S. Irons, Ph.D. Center for American Progress Director of Tax and Budget Policy
Read the full report (PDF)
November 1, 2005
The Presidentís Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform today released its final report and recommendations to the Treasury Department and the public. The final report represents months of careful deliberation and policy analysis, and we at the Center for American Progress look forward to reviewing in more detail the panelís report in the coming days and weeks.
The panel has carefully confronted many of the tradeoffs that inevitably arise when considering broad tax reform; however, it is likely that the final report and the panelís recommendations will be cherry-picked by the Bush administration to fit its prior ideological agenda. For example, the administration may highlight the expanded role of tax breaks for savings, lower taxes on capital income, corporate tax breaks for capital investment, and the costly elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax.


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