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Pork ‘Compromise’

Um, no.
The now-infamous multi-million dollar Alaska “bridge to nowhere” that was inserted into the transportation bill by the Republican approps chair has apparently been axed.
Uh, but not really. Alaska is still getting the money – and now with no strings attached.
Do they really think anyone buys this?

G.O.P. Strips Mandatory Funding for Two Alaskan Bridges – New York Times
G.O.P. Strips Mandatory Funding for Two Alaskan Bridges
Published: November 16, 2005
Filed at 3:04 p.m. ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Mandatory funding for two controversial bridge projects in Alaska — including the ridiculed “bridge to nowhere” — has been stripped from a federal spending bill, a congressional committee said on Wednesday.
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In an unusual move to change “pork” spending, House-Senate negotiators removed the $432 million in required spending during final talks on a yearly bill to fund programs for the Transportation and Treasury departments, the House Appropriations Committee said.
As a compromise, Alaska will still receive the money that had been set aside for the bridges to spend as it likes on transportation needs.


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