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Tax Reform

Looks like I have some reading to do…
The Economists’ Voice
A Special Issue on Tax Reform

Edward P. Lazear and James M. Poterba (December 13, 2005) Reforming Taxes to Promote Economic Growth
Michael J. Boskin (December 12, 2005) A Broader Perspective on the Tax Reform Debate
Aaron S. Edlin (August 31, 2005) The Choose-your-Charity Tax: A Way to Incentivize Greater Giving Features
Alan J. Auerbach (December 13, 2005) The Tax Reform Panel’s Report: Mission Accomplished?
Leonard E. Burman and William G. Gale (December 13, 2005) Some Good Ideas, but Show Me the Money
Michael J. Graetz (December 12, 2005) Tax Reform: Time For a Plan C?

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