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Human-Animal Hybrids!

So, I was thinking of posting something about Bush’s State of the Union highlight–the line about human-animal hybrids–and his aparent quest to be the first “science fiction” president… but Moby beat me to it.
Also, I notice that is already taken… as is
Update: there are currently 752 links to “Human-animal hybrid” Bush on google.

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ok, i’ll weigh in with my comments on gw’s state of the union speech.
something about iraq and freedom, not sure, i think i nodded off for a while. kind of tautological.
then immigrants. huh, that’s not going to make his base very happy.
ah well. nodding off again.
and then, animal-human hybrids?
awesome, where do we get one or some?
i want animal-human hybrids.
gw, what the hell are you talking about?
the world’s falling apart and you’re talking about animal-human hybrids?
i hereby nominate gw ‘the science fiction president’.
does anyone remember his push to go to mars?
or steroids?
he likes science fiction, which is cool, cos i like science fiction, too.
it’s fun, right gw?
i guess one might be excused for expecting more from a president than platitudes and science-fiction, but remember: better to have platitudes WITH science fiction as opposed to platitudes WITHOUT science fiction.
and, not to sound like too much of a boy, but mary landrieu is kind of sexy.
that’s just an aside.
but i’m a boy. i like science fiction and sexy senators like mary landrieu.
getting back to the animal-human hybrids, i assume from what he said that gw is opposed to said hybrids.
that’s where we part company.

Update 2: for a list of illegals under the new anti-hybrid regime see
calamityjon: So, I didn’t – and have made it a point – worth a visit.

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