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DeLong On the Media

Brad DeLong has devoted a good share of his Blog to beating up on the media… take a look at his latest…

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal
The world is a complex and intricate place. How is anyone to understand it–even a particular piece of it, for example the United States government in Washington DC and its economic policies? It is a big problem, for the standard sources that I was taught (perhaps wrongly) as a child to rely on–the Washington Post, the New York Times, Walter Cronkhite on the evening news–are breaking down.
So it is time to build new institutions. And one way is to take advantage of the fact that those of us whom Jay Rosen calls The People Formerly Known as the Audience are no longer on the receiving end of a media system that runs one way only. We can talk back–fight ignorance with information, fight truthiness with truth, fight media narratives with the real story.


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