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Your Congress at Work

Congress is trying to stick some CAFTA-related changes into the pending pension bill. I don’t know how much people are following the conference on the pension bill – for those of you who haven’t – it’s a big mess. There has been plenty back and forth on what to include (certain extensions to some old tax cuts, a drastic reduction in the the estate tax, etc).
But the item below stuck out as one of the more bizarre… A new meaning for “pocket protectors!”

A spokesman for Rep. Bob Inglis, R-S.C., confirmed Inglis voted for the Oman deal after being assured by House Majority Leader Boehner that the House would take up the CAFTA fixes. The language would implement an agreement struck to lock up the votes of Inglis and others on CAFTA itself — it would ensure that apparel with pockets coming from CAFTA countries would not get duty-free access to the United States unless the material for the pocketing originates in the United States.


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