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Arrg! Looks like I missed international talk like a pirate day… missed opportunity for a site named ArrrrrrrgMax.

Torvalds talks like a pirate: ZDNet Australia: News: Software
Linux creator Linus Torvalds today signalled his enjoyment of the annual “Talk Like a Pirate Day” festivities, using the nautical lexicon to launch an update to the kernel at the heart of his open source operating system.
“Ahoy! She’s good to go, hoist anchor!” wrote Torvalds in a public e-mail today announcing version 2.6.18 of the Linux kernel. “Here’s some real booty for all you land-lubbers,” he continued.
“There’s not too many changes, with t’bulk of the patch bein’ defconfig updates, but the shortlog at the aft of this here e-mail describes the details if you care, you scurvy dogs.”

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