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View Article Welcome to TaxVox
by Len Burman on Tue 16 Oct 2007 01:00 AM EDT
Welcome to TaxVox, the Tax Policy Center’s new tax and budget policy blog.
We started TaxVox to communicate directly and quickly with an online community interested in fiscal policy issues. We’ll be commenting on federal, state, and local legislation; tax administration; and new research on individual and business taxation. We’ll also have lots to say about the Presidential candidates’ tax agendas.
Our chief blogger is Howard Gleckman, former senior correspondent in the Washington bureau of Business Week, who covered tax and budget issues for nearly 30 years. He plans to post items every few days. Other TPC policy experts will join the fray as well.
We want your comments too. We don’t want TaxVox to be only the voice of the Tax Policy Center. So please help us make it a forum for the entire tax and budget policy community.

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