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Crude Necklace

Interesting way to profit from $100 oil…

Design Glut – LIMITED EDITION Crude Necklace

When and if crude hits $100/barrel, Design Glut will produce 100 limited edition Crude Necklaces with a high gloss black surface finish. The pieces can be seen a symbol of mourning for the fossil fuel era.
The pieces will be engraved with $100.00 and the date. They will sell exclusively on the Design Glut website. Buyers will have a choice between powder-coated brass ($100) or a black-patina 18 karat gold ($1000).
Design Glut’s aim with the limited-edition release is to create a historical marker, in hopes that one day, when you are charging your electric car with your children, you can say, “I remember when crude hit $100.”


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