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EPI Recession Watch

Been busy with the day job – lot’s to do thinking about economic stimulus. The link below contains a stimulus proposal, congressional testimony, blog posts from colleagues, etc. I will try to post some media appearances as time allows…

EPI Recession Watch | EPI

Strategy for an economic rebound
Because the United States is either already in a recession or is headed for one, policy makers need to act now to craft an effective economic stimulus package to spur growth and job creation. Without a stimulus of sufficient magnitude, the U.S. economy is likely to see a decline in growth or even a formal recession, leading to higher unemployment, declining or stagnant wages, and a host of other economic problems. A package that provides $140 billion of stimulus–1% of GDP–would begin to reverse our economic course by creating an additional 1.4 to 1.7 million jobs. EPI unveils a broad-based, three-part prescription for stimulating the economy in its new Briefing Paper, Strategy for Economic Rebound–Smart Stimulus to Counter the Economic Slowdown.

Update – a few of note:


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