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McCain’s Misleading Economists sign-on

The McCain website is claiming that over 300 economists have endorsed his economic plan. Politico tracked down many of those supposed endorsers and find that this is not true (see excerpt below.) Apparently the letter was circulating months before McCain released his actual plan – so many, if not all, of the signers did not know their names would be used as an endorsement in this way.
Jonah Gelbach has more on the specifics of the letter.

In theory, economists support McCain – Alexander Burns and Avi Zenilman –

The endorsement could hardly have been stronger. On Monday, John McCain’s campaign released a statement signed by 300 economists who “enthusiastically support” his “Jobs for America” economic plan, providing a heavyweight testimonial to the presumptive Republican nominee’s “broad and powerful economic agenda.”
There’s just one problem. Upon closer inspection, it seems a good many of those economists don’t actually support the whole of McCain’s economic agenda. And at least one doesn’t even support McCain for president.

In interviews with more than a dozen of the signatories, Politico found that, far from embracing McCain’s economic plan, many were unfamiliar with — or downright opposed to — key details. While most of those contacted by Politico had warm feelings about McCain, many did not want to associate themselves too closely with his campaign and its policy prescriptions.


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