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No rest

Things have been crazy at the day job with the economy melting down and the election. Any hopes for a post election letdown are slipping away. Here’s my public event schedule for the next few weeks…

  • Nov 13th – Kerner Commission/Eisenhower foundation event at EPI, talking about revenue options for progressive reform
  • Nov 18th – CAF event on the hill re: economic stimulus and investment in infrastructure
  • Nov 19th – CBPP/SFAI conference on the current and projected state of the economy, prospects for stimulus
  • Dec 1 – Innovation conference (EPI/UC Davis) on green jobs

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Obama wins… change in the air.

Now on to the hard work of fixing the economy…

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Economist and FT endorse Obama

Obama gets endorsements from two <sarcasm>socialist</sarcasm> publications: The Economist and Financial Times
An endorsement of Barack Obama | It’s time | The Economist / Comment & analysis / Editorial comment – Obama is the better choice

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