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Employment opportunities at EPI

We’re hiring a labor economist at EPI… see link for details on how to apply…

Employment opportunities at EPI

Living Standards/Labor Economist
The Economic Policy Institute is looking for an experienced economist for our flagship Living Standards program. In that position, the successful candidate would work with the Living Standards team to undertake a variety of research and analytical projects. They would be responsible for monitoring and commenting on current economic conditions, including labor market conditions; trends in income and wage outcomes; factors that impact low- and moderate-income workers; and others. They would also be expected to analyze and comment on related economic policies.
The position also includes a significant component of research dissemination and communication; working with EPI’s external/communications team to communicate findings to the media, public-interest organizations, the academic community, and policy makers in Congress and the administration.
The successful candidate would also help set the direction of the program by identifying new areas of inquiry and shaping programmatic activities.
The position reports directly to the Research and Policy director, but will also work closely with EPI’s president.

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Number of jobs created by Obama’s stimulus

Romer/Bernstein estimate job impact to be between 3 and 4 million… see The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.

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